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Podcast Interview with Ty From Campfire Finance

Ty from Camp Fire Finance – personal finance blog that’s taken over twitter and social networks. Ty had a late start on saving and has some great resources for families looking to get ahead.

[2:14] Tell us a bit about yourself
·       Devilishly handsome blogger behind campfire finance and Get Rich Quickish
·       Lives in Seattle with wife and 4 kids
·       Trying to reach FI on a single income

[2:55] Who was your role model growing up? What lessons about money did you learn from them?
·       Ty’s Pops and three brothers
·       Ty’s dad worked extremely hard to support his family
·       Started a restaurant business but ultimately sold it
·       Ty was taught how to work hard and the value in it
·       Developed a strong relationship

[5:57] Where did the idea for campfire finance come from?
·       3rd personal finance blog
·       Ty doesn’t enjoy writing, it doesn’t come easily
·       Maintaining a consist posting schedule is hard
·       Started doing a Sunday roundup and realized it deserved to have it’s own site
·       Chain of Wealth got featured on Campfire Finance

[10:6] You said you have 3 different PF blogs, what was number 2?
·       Ty is a Gen X blogger and created Genxmoney.com
·       Currently available if anyone is interested

[13:36] What are your goals for campfire?
·       First year is about driving traffic and gaining traction
·       The goal is to improve people’s finances and help personal finance bloggers reach new audience
·       Ty got the FIRE bug and started his blog to improve his own finances
·       It’s weird and honest for people to be so honest especially online
·       The fact that Ty features so many people creates a safety net on his site
·       Syndicating content is an art- you can’t just feature stuff you believe in you need to have an open mind

[19:25] If you could go back in time, what is something you wish you could change?
·       The advice that you give yourself when you’re older has to hit at the right time and in the right way
·       Encouragement is all Ty would give his younger-self.


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  1. Thank you for having me on your podcast, Katie and Denis! I had such a great time speaking with you two and hope your listeners enjoy it as well. Now … I’m off to buy a new microphone!

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