E74- Brock from The College Funding Coach

E74: Brock

From: The College Funding Coach

Brock from The College Funding Coach

For millennials who are starting to have kids- the thought of paying for college is super stressful. After the financial down turn and everyone asking Brock about how to invest in their child’s education, he realized that a lot of people didn’t really know what they were doing when it came to paying for college. Flash forward, The College Funding Coach has helped thousands of people pay for college without going into debt.


[3:15] What is the worst mistake you have seen people do when paying for college?
·       Biggest mistake is waiting too long
·       Start saving ASAP
[10:7] When should people really start preparing for saving for college?
·       Begin as soon as possible
·       Save money in general- then it can turn into a college fund
[13:13] What can students do to help prepare for the college application process?
·       Cast a broad net- find a school that is the right fit
·       Write your essays early
·       Look for money early- scholarships/ grants/ corporations
[20:13] Applying for scholarships is such a pain- any unknown hints that could help out?
·       Loads of scholarships available to all students
[20:0] Tell us about your services.
·       Works with families all over the country to help prepare for college tuition
·       Helps to find money for college students
·       Visit www.thecollegefundingcoach.org
·       Workshops all over the country
·       Can have a free consultation to develop a plan
·       Offers webinars


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[34:29] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dreams?
·       They don’t take the time to figure out their dreams
·       They don’t actually start their goals
·       Take baby steps
[39:35] What is your favorite quote?
·       Hard work, given time will beat talent
[40:20] Any last advice?
·       It takes hard work and planning to achieve your goals

College doesn't have to bankrupt you

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