E58: Jay

from Slowly Sipping Coffee


Slowly Sipping Coffee or SSC is a personal finance blog run by a couple who are busy balancing family life, work life and blog life. They are on a quest to quit the 9-5 and have a lifestyle change to stay home and be full time parents by May of 2019.
[3:7] So tell us a little about yourself, what is something that most people don’t know?
·       I like bluegrass music
·       Plays the banjo
[4:21] You are not interested in a FIRE lifestyle but more a Fully Funded Lifestyle Change- tell us about that?
·       Didn’t want to not work
·       Wanted a lifestyle change
·       Almost to the point of not having to work
[14:8] Where did the idea for the blog come from? Who works on it more?
·       Ironic that it’s a PF blog
·       Wanted to be able to have a slow enough lifestyle to sit and drink coffee
·       In the beginning- it was more evenly split
·       Then she started teaching- and abandoned the blog
[20:38] Tell us about a favorite blog post you have.
·       April Fool’s post- investing in horse racing
·       The lightbulb moments
[26:30] What advice do you have for couples who are trying to work together toward a common financial goal but have hit a tough spot in the road?
·       Be open and talk about it
·       Don’t get defensive
·       Don’t draw a hard line- find a compromise
[30:9] You mention on your blog that having kids and a house can throw a wrench into retirement planning- what are some hurdles you guys have had to overcome?
·       Saving rates
·       Time


[32:30] Value Link Round:

Value Link Round (VLR)

[32:46] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dreams?
·       Confidence factor
·       Comfort factor
[33:6] What other books or podcasts do you recommend?
·       Podcast: ChooseFI
·       Books: The Millionaire Next Door
[33:45] Do you have a favorite quote?
·       You can’t have everything you want but you can have anything you want.
[34:27] Any last advice?
·       Don’t discount your income amount
·       Track your spending

This guy retired from his full time job in his 30's

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