E55: Steve

from Think Save Retire


Steve and his wife are early retirees at the age of 35. Steve realized late in his 20s that “stuff” was not going to bring him happiness and neither was slaving away at his 9-5. Now he travels full time in his airstream, named Charlie and enjoys the simple things in life. He is the creator of the blog Think, Save, Retire and there he offers his tips, tricks and advice to help motivate others to drop their commute and start enjoying life.

Welcome, Steve!

[3:34] What is your backstory? How was life before you decided to retire early?
·       Graduated from college in 2005
·       Blew through money
·       Spent all his money and didn’t save
[8:34] What steps did you make to achieve early retirement?
·       Any time before 60
·       Saved 70% of salaries
[10:41] What is the difference between financially independent and retiring early?
·       Financially independent- you do not have to work anymore
·       Retire early- quitting your job
[12:32] What is your advice for someone who wants to make a change and retire early, but is in credit card debt?
·       Get out of credit card debt
·       Break things down and you will slowly get there
[14:27] What are some mistakes you made while RVing?
·       Buying an expensive car
·       Bought house in Feb 2007- it was awful
[16:40] What has been your favorite state you’ve visited? Any other countries on the horizon?
·       Idaho- had great camp grounds
·       We’ve been to Mexico but without the Airstream
·       Would love to go to Canada
[18:48] Let’s talk about your involvement in Rockstar Finance, a community that PF bloggers love, you posted recently that you almost bought Rockstar Finance.
·       Put in a bid to buy the website
·       Was already involved in the forum
·       Offered 10% of net worth
·       Went to another bidder
[21:44] Do you have any advice for new PF bloggers?
·       Gotta love to blog
·       Can’t just love money
·       It will show in your work
·       Focus on the blog first, then the money may follow


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[23:21] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dreams?
·       They don’t want them badly enough
·       Dreams are easy to think about
·       Actions speak louder
[24:2] Do you have any books or podcasts you recommend?
·       Podcasts: The Mad Scientist, ChooseFI, The RV Entrepreneur
·       Books: Your money or your life, the millionaire next door
[25:25] What’s your favorite quote?
·       “Some people are on the ten-year plan”
[26:27] Any last advice?
·       Early retirement isn’t the end of your working career
·       It’s the beginning of the new phase of your life
·       If you want it badly enough, you’ll get there

This guy retired from his full time job in his 30's

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