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Duke of Dollars

From the wonderful and mystic kingdom Master Duke Jack & Master Duke Chris are from where you can learn how to vanquish your debt, recruit a barracks full of greenback soldiers to do your bidding and establish impenetrable moats to protect your livelihood and ultimately build your own financial kingdom!


[3:4] Every good duke has had to breach a castle at least once in their lives, what strategy would you use to cross a moat? (ice breaker, doesn’t need to be PF related)
●            Chris: Let’s see what Jack says but disguise would be a great strategy (like a ninja)
●            Jack: Dragon 😉

[5:52] The pair of you have quite different backgrounds, tell us a bit about your background Master Duke Chris and then yours Master Duke Jack.
●            Chris: from a small town with 2 parents, very fortunate and built up some strong values. Chris really enjoyed sports and got some good strenghts like integrity. He was the first in his family in College. Since then got into IT and grew his income.
●            Jack: Starting early is definitely key, started at 17 full time. Had a rough college and had to walk away from family. Worked through college full time, ended up leaving the country at 21. Had some good support from mentors and got featured on; Jack’s wife’s parents died and left behind $500k and they’ve been trying to do some good in the world.

[17:18] One of the most popular articles on your site is about whether we as family members should give our friends & family free money, it’s an interesting topic and not really one spoke about too much, what are your thoughts on helping family out?
●            Chris: Blog has been more of a hobby, Chris personally had dealt with it because of a divorce. Grief, depression, hate and money are all massive things to deal with. If you want something in life you need to work for it. There is a thin line between enabling someone and empowering someone.

[24:26] For people looking to transform their financial life, what are some of the first steps people should take financially?
●            Chris: Find why before you figure out anything else.
●            Jack: There’s opportunities out there to capture “free” money, the earlier you capture it and get it to work the better.
●            Chris: A ton of people who are listening have the why- Chris created a list of blogs and started following them; Sign up for Mint

[33:34] You have a section on your website about the great war of debt, could you tell us a bit about that?
●            Chris: After getting his foundation set (work wardrobe, emergency fund, clothes, 401k match) he figured out he wanted financial independence- starting young is so important. Followed Jack’s strategy, the debt pool strategy- double your payment. Once done take a trip!


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