E122- Mike from MikedUpBlog.com

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Mike is a 30-something CEO, Blogger, and Forensic Scientist. On his blog, mikedupblog.com, he writes about financial insights for Family & Business, and gives fitness tips for everyone. Mike has a ton of financial pillars for millennials and we’ll be picking his brain!


[2:24]  What made you decide to create financial pillars for millennials?

  • Wrote smaller series- 10 financial musts for high school students
  • Started thinking next level and how to apply them to millennials and other people
  • 9 life, 3 more to come!

[4:7] One your pillars is to negotiate everything. Can you speak a bit about what that means to you and why it is specifically important for millennials?

  • Millennials currently making big decisions, e.g. buying a house is decided before you get to the negotiation table
  • Mike recently was buying a business and realized that everything comes down to negotiation, it doesn’t look like much in the moment, but over a long period of time it adds up quickly
  • Begs the question- what if you start negotiating everything, is the price really what it says
    In purchasing a dental practice
  • Mike was close to signing a bill of sale, there was a last minute call from the seller and there was a unique situation. Mike had a choice on how to proceed, he could’ve insisted that the contract was enforceable, but decided to rather be understanding
  • Since then, 2 months later he bumps into the seller of the business at church; Mike’s wife was about to take time off due to pregnancy and Mike ended up contacting the seller who was happy to help.
    Everything happens for a reason 🙂

[11:5] Another pillar is to diversity your portfolio, could you explain what diversification is and why it is so important?

  • Mike was graduating high school in 2004 and had the ability to save a ton of money due to low living expenses.
  • Mike’s grandfather convinced him to invest a sum of money that Mike saved up in the market.
  • After the financial crisis Mike lost all his gains and learned that he doesn’t want to be exposed to risk in only one asset class

[16:59] Paying yourself first is something everyone knows they should do but not many people actually get it right. Why is this skill so important?

  • In the last 18 months Mike had to relocate into a new dental office and there was tons of money going out of his checking account
  • Extra expenses always arise, Mike decided to automate his savings to make sure that he got money into his savings


[20:29] Chain of Wealth– Grab your free budget template that Katie created!

Value Link Round

[20:54] What is your saving or retirement plan?

  • Creating retirement plan for business
  • Pension coming from day job
    Mike knew that having a business was going to be big outflow but long term the business will return; however it does take time.

[22:49] Do you have any other books or podcasts you can recommend?

  • Extreme Ownership How US Navy Seals Lead and Win

[25:33] Favorite Quote?

  • Discipline = Freedom

[26:27] Parting piece of advice?

  • One of the pillars coming up- never stop your financial education

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