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Hoda Mehr

Hoda Mehr is the co-founder and CEO of StockCard.io. She started Stock Card about a year ago to enable the new generation of stock market investors to make fact-based investment decisions without time-consuming research.

She believes the old market wisdom that individual people should not invest in individual stocks. And it’s a thing of the past and she’s trying to equip a new wave of investors with the tools they need to succeed.


[2:26] Tell us a bit about yourself- What’s your favorite superhero?
Wine sommelier and loves puppies!

[4:41] Let’s chat about investing, you believe individual investors should not be purchasing individual stocks. Why?

Lots of people feel distant from money and investing
The people that really succeed in investing that are active are the ones buying stocks.

To be successful you need to be very hands on and be in charge.
Used to help father manage his investments- he taught her to take a hands-on approach

[8:45] You’ve stated that there’s no equivalent female investor to Warren Buffett, why do you think that’s the case and how are you planning to change that?
Women need to change their mindset and take more control.
Culturally women don’t take on the responsibility
Hoda attends a ton of workshops and conferences
It takes a lot of time for equality to come into play

[12:7] What exactly is Stock Card? Do you have an app?
Website- stockcard.io
Help anyone with any background and time commitments to decide very quickly.

[16:0] How do people use your service? What is the fee structure?
Basic product is free, but with ads
If you want to get investment ideas there are different strategies and that’s a subscription model.


[19:53] Check out our mega post on passive income for amazing ways to take your money to the next level!

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