E71: Denis & Katie

from the best darn podcast ever!

Denis & Katie eatin crab legs!

Totally different today-
No interview but we talk all about budgeting and how we are doing it.

For a “boring” subject- I thought it was quite a fun conversation.


[34:22] Value Link: Looking for an easy side hustle? Check out chainofwealth.com/airbnb for some free information on how to get started.

Meh- there were no sponsors or value link round this time- but I’ll keep the airbnb link in there for good measure.

Value Link Round (VLR)

This wasn’t actually talked about but I like these questions, so I’ll give it a try.

Why do you think people fail to achieve their dreams? 

Like most of our guests- I agree, people are always too afraid to start.

Just get out there and try it! What’s the worst that will happen?

What are you favorite books or podcast? 

Books: Your money or your life

Podcasts: Obviously Chain of Wealth but How I built this is a close second. 

What’s your favorite quote? 

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. – Albert Einstein

Any last advice?

Yah- sign up for our emails below! 

It's time to track your spending

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