E42- Tanja Hester from Our Next Life

E42: Tanja Hester

from Our Next Life

Tanja Hester

Tanja Hester is the author of the blog ournextlife.com.

She is a longtime communications strategist, an insatiable reader and audiophile, an obsessive searcher for the best gluten-free beers and baked goods, a one-time mathlete, a former yoga and spinning teacher, and a still-certified health coach.

Tanja along with her husband, Mark Bunge are formerly known by their blogging pseudonyms “Ms. ONL” and “Mr. ONL” and they retired at the end of 2017 at the meager ages of 38 and 41.

Tanja also has a podcast, The Fairer Cents.

Welcome Tanja!

[2:46] First really pressing question that might end up saving the world as we know it- What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
·       Tanja has celiac, but her favorite flavor was cookies and cream, it’s been almost 6 years since she had her favorite

[3:42] Let’s discuss 2017, it was a really big year for you. First off in 2018, you will celebrate your 10 year anniversary, so congratulations. Secondly, you also retired! Tell us a bit about how it’s possible to retire at only 38 years old, did you run into a massive inheritance or something?
·       No inheritance
·       Above average incomes, lived below means
·       Decided if they could stop lifestyle inflation, the could save a huge amount
·       Once in a good saving manner, kept to it
·       Hiding money helps a ton!
·       Do it slowly, slowly start increasing the amount you save

[11:1] Ok so you no longer have to work, what are you currently doing with all your time?
·       Still new at early retirement
·       Busy on blog and podcast, The Fairer Cents
·       Traveling

[11:52] So let’s talk about ournextlife.com, what is your vision for the site and where do you plan to be in 5 years?
·       Started at chronical to getting to the next step
·       Good way of looking back and reflecting
·       Early retirement math is actually really simple
·       You still need to consider a sense of purpose, and unexpected things, the site is a great way to connect with the community

[13:35] If you could start over, you’re 23 years old and just finished studying- would you do anything differently the second time round?
·       Never set foot in target, far too much impulse buying
·       Get into a better savings habit early
·       Get in on some Roth J

[14:58] Do you have any tips for people that think they’ll never retire?
·       You are not alone
·       People expect to retire 67 or older, but most people retire at 62
·       It’s a lot easier than people imagine
·       Most people spend mindlessly, you should try track things a bit better


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[18:47] Why do you think people fail at achieving their dreams?
·       There are things that don’t set people up to succeed, but if you look at an individual level, you need to see good example of success in your life
·       Figure out what are the next steps and figure how to get there
·       Try automate things

[20:48] Do you have a favorite quote?
·       Julia Child- she didn’t learn to cook until she was 40 but she still introduced people to French cooking- it’s never too late to discover your dreams

[22:11] Any books or podcasts you can recommend to our listeners?
·       Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
·       Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez

[23:32] Any last piece of advice?
·       Regardless of what your goals are, make sure you are enjoying your life today. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so enjoy your happiness

This couple retired at 38 and 41 years old, find out their secret here.

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