E73- Karen from Debt Free Lab

Karen created Debt Free Lab to share fast, actionable tips that would help real everyday people achieve financial success. She comes from a background of conquering massive financial stress and is now out of debt and financially stable- ready to share her story! [15:56] Value Link Round: Want to listen to all these great book recommendations? Check out Audible! www.chainofwealth.com/audible

E72- Jenny from Living Life Loving Us

Jenny is the blogger behind the personal finance blog, Living Life Loving Us. As a mother, wife and RN by day and a blogger by night. Jenny and her husband have had some huge celebrations recently- including paying off a debt of $120,000. [16:45] Value Link Round: http://www.chainofwealth.com/credible

E71- Denis & Katie

For a “boring” subject- I thought it was quite a fun conversation. [34:22] Value Link: Looking for an easy side hustle? Check out chainofwealth.com/airbnb for some free information on how to get started. Meh- there were no sponsors or value link round this time- but I’ll keep the airbnb link in there for good measure. This wasn’t actually talked about …

E70A- Military Dollar

One of the great things about America is that we have such an amazing military. Because of them we get to go about our everyday lives with much less threat than in other places in the world. Today, we are super excited to have a military member/ personal finance wizard to help explain to us some of the perks that …