E87- Chantl Martin from Thrive Lounge DC

E87: Chantl Martin

From: Thrive Lounge DC

Lorraine Ell

[3:13] what is a vision board?
·      Come up with goals and what you want achieve

[3:38] Tell us a bit about yourself
·      Graduate from college top of her class
·      Had immigrant parents
·      Premed track
·      Had a rich boyfriend
·      Sold a bunch of stuff
·      Break up disaster- no money

[16:46] Where are you now?
·      Studied for the GRE and got into school
·      Voluntary repossession on the car
·      Moved in with her mom
·      First one in the class to get a job

[27:32] Tell us about your book!
·      Goal doing
·      Take yourself as you are & go with that
·      You can always get out of where you are
·      Focused on one thing at a time


[36:13] We’ve started a daily show – Check out Money Minute on Alexa!

Value Link Round (VLR)

[36:25] Why do you think people struggle to reach their dream?
·      People don’t ask themselves what their dreams are

[46:27] What other books or podcasts that you recommend?
·      Book: Goal doing

[50:26] What is your favorite quote?
·      “I am the architect of my life. I build the walls and chose it’s content”

[52:16] Any last advice?
·      FOCUS

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