E8- Danielle Desir from The Thought Card

E8: Danielle Desir

from The Thought Card

Danielle Desir is a travel enthusiast and a financial analyst and grant specialist by trade. She created thoughtcard.com where she shares tons of tips and tricks to find cheap travel discounts all while paying off debt.
Danielle, welcome to the show. I’m excited to learn some of your tricks to all this travelling you do!
[0:54] So first, can you tell our Chainers a bit about yourself?
·       Travel/ finance enthusiast

[1:33] You have a “Work with me” tab on your site- what do you do to help people?
·       Freelance writer
o   travel reviews

[2:2] What financial move have you learned the most from?
·       Owning a home

[4:3] You talked about in your blog, “sacrifices I made to pay off my student loans” that November 10, 2016 was the most important day of your life. Tell us about that journey.
·       Finished paying $63,000 of debt
·       Decided to make a final large payment amount

[5:22] How did you pay off your loans so quickly? $63,000 is a ton to pay off.
·       Front- end method: pay a lot at one time then replenish savings
·       Back- end method: pay debt every payday

[6:28] You are a huge fan of living at home, this can be hard for millennials…. Why do you recommend it?
·       Opportunity to set financial goals
o   Save money
o   Plan for the future

[7:27] You travel all over the world, for cheap… what’s your secret?!
·       Follow on Instagram
·       Massive credit card bonuses
·       www.Secretflying.com
·       www.Thriftytraveler.com
·       www.Scottscheapflights.com

[9:25] You have the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card; why did you pick this card over others? What are the perks?
·       Redeem your points for cheaper flights
·       Deep discounts on flights

[10:20] Out of all your travelling, where has been your favorite? Why?
·       Bermuda
o   Sunshine/ beach
·       Iceland
o   Beautiful scenery/ volcanos

[11:30] I saw that you’re a huge fan of AirBnB to save money- how has it been so far?
·       Has been great!
·       Stay in great places for cheaper


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[13:42] What other podcasts to you recommend?
·       Podcasts: EOFire & Kate and Carries Budget and Cents

[14:18] What is the best advice someone has given you?
·       Have a plan and see it to the end

[14:50] What are some ways our listeners can get in touch with you?
·       Email: [email protected]
·       Twitter: @thethoughtcard

[15:6] Any last parting advice for our listeners?
·       Have the attitude of gratitude

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