E72 – Jenny from Living Life Loving Us

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Jenny is the blogger behind the personal finance blog, Living Life Loving Us. As a mother, wife and RN by day and a blogger by night. Jenny and her husband have had some huge celebrations recently- including paying off a debt of $120,000.

[2:3] So $120,000- yikes! Where did the debt come from?
Medical problems
Traditional debt
Wanted to pay off debt to give their family a jumpstart

[4:35] What lifestyle changes did you have to make to achieve the debt free life?
Got rid of things that didn’t bring value
Worked a lot of overtime
Downsized home

[6:43] What was the most surprising thing you realized when you started budgeting your money?
How much money you are wasting
Grocery bill was huge before- started making a list

[9:22] How did you start? Did you use an app or just straight pen and paper?
Sat down with pen and paper
Didn’t know about apps at first
Everydollar app- free!

[10:54] Where did the idea for your blog come from?
Loves writing
Wanted to help people with their money mistakes

[12:15] You wrote a post about talking to your spouse about money. What advice do you have for a couple who is struggling to see eye to eye about finances?
Key to being on the same page financially
Had similar values
Have clear goals as the big picture
Clear communication


[16:45] Value Link Round: www.chainofwealth.com/credible

Value Link Round

[17:32] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dreams?
Fear- was nervous about paying off debt at first

[18:36] What other books or podcasts do you recommend?
Podcast: ChooseFI, firedrill podcast, saw bones
Books: simple path to wealth

[19:29] Do you have a favorite quote?
“Never compare yourself to others where you are today as to yesterday”

[20:3] Any last advice?
Keep at it! It won’t happen overnight.

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