E44- Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog

E44: Pete McPherson

from Do You Even Blog

Pete McPherson

Pete McPherson writes killer bio paragraphs. But when he’s not doing that, he’s a full-time husband and dad, idealistic entrepreneur, purple cow thinker, blogger, marketer, CPA, data nerd, STAR WARS nerd, web and iOS developer…and really fast typer. He spends his days teaching people how to blog better (doyouevenblog.com), as well as drafting and validating various project ideas.


[2:40] So Pete, What did you think of the latest Star Wars movie? Are you a dark side or light side kinda guy?
·      I liked it
·      Light side guy

[4:42] You have had a few blogs. What is the one thing you wish you would have known as a new blogger?
·      To have taken my time
·      Plan more long term

[7:40] What are some helpful tips for a blogger who is struggling to make that first affiliate income?
·      Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing
·      You have to be different
[10:50] What is the most common question new bloggers come to you with?
·      Usually questions that don’t really matter- more little details
·      How many guest posts should I do a month/ quarter
·      Little questions that don’t really matter
[12:51] Do you have any funny blogging faux paus?
·      I say things I regret on my podcast
·      I don’t edit a lot
·      Think fast then ramble
·      Bounce thoughts around

[16:25] So you were a CPA in your former life. It’s a bold move to quit an office job while supporting a family. Do you have a lot of faith in your skills to build your tribe?
·      Yes and no
·      Yes- I know I can help people
·      No- imposture syndrome

[24:55] Did you do any income forecasting? How has that worked for you?
·      Not at first
·      Goal for 2018- to be more structured
·      Determined goals per month

[29:16] You are a rather new podcast- which you debuted on the best day of the year, Katie’s birthday- do you have any hacks to growing your downloads?
·      I do:
o   Patience
o   Consistency
o   Know what everyone is doing- then do the opposite
o   Do what you can to stand out
[36:28] You have a whole post on new blog tools you’re loving. Which is your favorite?
·      Smarter Cue- helps manage social media cue. Starts at $16 a month
·      Bearwriter.com -Organizational notes- (Google bear writing)
·      Freedom.to- automatically blocks addictive/ distracting websites
·      ConvertKit


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[41:24] Why do you think people struggle to achieve their dreams?
·      They haven’t put their dreams into goals
·      Irrational fears

[47:17] Do you have any good books you recommend?
·      Books: Purple Cow, The Art of War, Deep Work, The Millionaire Fastlane
·      Podcasts: Hardcore History, Tim Ferriss, Art of Charm, Kevin Rose

[51:45] Do you have a favorite quote?
·      “Good”

[54:22] Do you have any last advice?
·      Everyone should start a blog

Discover how to start a blog with Pete McPherson!

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