E36- Kevin Bubb from Financial Panther

E36: Kevin Bubb

from Financial Panther

Kevin Bubb

Kevin Bubb is the author of the blog “Financial Panther.”

He is a typical millennial that graduated college with loads of student debt, but was able to pay them all off.

Kevin is a lawyer by day and blogger by night with a mixture of side hustles in between.

We’re excited to have you, Kevin!

[2:8] Where did the name “Financial Panther” come from for the name of your blog?
·       Simpsons reference, Homer thinks financial panther instead of financial planner.

[2:57] You have quite the student loan story. Can you tell us a bit of back story and what your plan was to pay it all back?
·       Graduated from law school with $87,000 with student loans debt- that was with a half scholarship
·       Plan was to pay back ASAP
·       Joined a law firm and didn’t enjoy it but wanted to pay back all debt so focused on big payments.

[4:6] After you paid back your debt, you took a new job with a pay cut but didn’t actually feel the impact of a smaller paycheck. What kind of habits do you have to keep such a low maintenance lifestyle?
·       Everyone at work has expensive taste, everyone else started spending a lot of money
·       Decided to live like a student for a few more years to try prioritize paying off student loans
·       Lifestyle remained the same, didn’t give in to lifestyle creep
·       Saw a lot of people go to a luxury apartment

[6:38] I see you are a fellow Airbnb host. Would you recommend hosting to your friends? What do you find is the best part about hosting?
·       Been hosting for almost 2 years
·       Over 100 guests in that time!
·       Being able to monetize your home is exceptionally advantageous
·       Loads of people have a spare room so it’s easy to do, it’s not added pressure.
·       You can try it out once and decide if it’s for you

[9:38] You have ton of side hustles going on all of which you report your monthly income. Which side hustle do you enjoy most?
·       Food deliveries on bike
·       Paid to do stuff you enjoy is awesome!
·       Wag is awesome as well, most people need their dogs walked during lunch so it’s a great excuse to leave the office

[13:32] What advice do you have for someone thinking about doing a side hustle?
·       Look for ones that don’t require a huge amount of upfront time or commitment
·       Sharing economy is awesome, can try things out and if you don’t like it you can just quit
·       Find side hustles you can incorporate into your daily life


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[17:26] Why do you think that people fail at achieving their dreams?
·       If you don’t think something is possible you won’t made it
·       Think outside the box, figure out how to get out of a situation you don’t like

[19:8] What other books or podcasts do you recommend?
·       Book: Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins
·       Book: The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
·       Podcast: Choose FI
·       Podcast: FIRE Drill Podcast

[20:12] Do you have a favorite quote?
·       Rick Ross – Everyday I’m Hustlin’

[21:47] Any last advice?
·       Always think out the box and hustle!

Side hustles can help you save thousands of dollars, learn which ones one man used to pay back his student loans.

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