E24 – Zina Kumok from Debt Free After 3

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Zina Kumok is the founder of the blog Debt Free after 3– A former sports writer, Zina has written for the Associated Press and have covered the New York Yankees, NBA Draft and Final Four.

Currently living in Denver she is a full-time freelance writer specializing in personal finance.

She has taught several classes on budgeting, how to save money and how other people can pay off their loans.

Welcome Zina!

[2:59] Tell us a little about yourself.
·      From Tennessee
·      Journalism degree
·      Paid off student loans

[4:6] What is the biggest money mistake that you learned from?
·      Shopping- wasting money

[6:2] What is a common mistake that you see people making with their money?
·      Ignorance

[7:44] You have a section on your blog about your student loan repayment journey. Tell us about it.
·      $24,000 in loans
·      $28,000 with interest
·      Didn’t have any money left over after bills
·      Cut back spending

[12:24] You also have a course that helps people learn how to pay back their loans. Can you share some details about it?
·      Personal finance 101
·      Basics in investing

[13:42] What is one thing you wish you knew back when you were paying off your loans?
·      To refinance student loans

[14:52] Now that you are no longer in debt, what are you doing with your money that you are able to save?
·      Saving for a house down payment


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[16:34] Why do you think that people fail at achieving their dreams?
·      Hard to decide what to do to get to a goal

[18:27] What other books or podcasts do you recommend?
·      Book: The total money makeover & all the money in the world

[20:27] Favorite quote that you live by?
·      Live like no one else so that later you can live like no one else

[22:15] How can listeners get in touch with you?
·      Blog: ConsciousCoins.com
·      Course- Studentloanknockout.com

[23:38] Any last advice?
·      Anything is possible with your money

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