E153 – Paying Down Mortgage vs Investing

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A lot of you have been interested to know more this topic and it’s important for all of you to hear some pros and cons when making your decision between paying down your mortgage or investing the money.


[2:53] There is a decision to be made
●     Cost-benefit analysis is a must
●     Check how much interest you will be paying on your mortgage in the long term
●     Additional payments toward loans will knock a lot of time off on the repayment term; use mortgage calculator to make side-by-side comparison on different terms

[8:1] Why you should invest instead of paying down mortgage
●     You can try using Robinhood app to start in the stock market and can even start with $20
●     The market is doing pretty well recently

[11:51] What’s the total interest like for a $100K on a 30-year repayment term
●     Total interest paid would be around $93K
●     If double payments are made, the loan will be paid off in less than 10 years and the total interest paid would have just been $26K
●     If you can, you should be paying double payments

[13:36] What if I grow the money instead of paying double on mortgage
●     Your $536 monthly repayment for 118 months, would have only paid $45K worth of interest
●     Your $536 monthly repayment for 118 months, if invested, would have grown to $95K
●     With a return rate of at least 8%, the amount earned from investment over the same period of time would be enough to payoff your mortgage in cash

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