E135 – Why You Should Max Your 401k

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New Year's Resolutions

For many years, 401k has been the main plan for retirement savers and inversting on your 401k could be a challenge. Here are our thoughts.

[2:52] People missing out if they are not contributing on their 401k
●     Contributing to 401k doesn’t mean the money is being invested
●     401k provider normally gives free consulting and make recommendations

[6:51] What if your employer doesn’t offer a 401k plan? Any Alternatives?
●     Look at IRAs
●     Take the rough IRAs

[8:32] Takeaways
●     Save for your downpayment
●     Save for your emergency fund
●     Save for your retirement
●     Invest in your 401k as early as possible
●     Contribute to the full amount that your employer will match it

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