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Chris Reining

After graduating college, Chris Reining took a job in corporate America, and a few years later bought a condo and BMW. Happily living the American dream. One day, he was sitting in his cubicle and thought, “This is it? I just have to do this for the next 40 years?” He then put together a plan and at 37 he was finally able to quit his job. Chris has been featured on major news outlets including the New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC and others.


[3:14] A lot of people are unfamiliar with the FIRE moment, can you talk a bit about what FIRE means to you personally?
●           Freedom to have the financial means to be independent
●           A ton of people get the RE part incorrect
●           Chris emailed his list and nobody mentioned the doing nothing part or early retirement.

[7:29] You have a post about how much you really need to be financially independent, so what’s your magic number? 🙂
●           Be able to support the lifestyle that you want, do you want to live on $60k a year of $100k a year?
●           The magic multiplier is 25x, multiple $40k by 25 = $1million

[10:6] If you’re trying to achieve financial independence and you’re young and want to do it quickly there are a few key components which you outline on your website, saving more money (so cutting expenses), earning more money (take home more money) & investing to build wealth. Why do you think so many people fail at these components and which do you think is the most important one?
●           The idea sounds great of having financial independence
●           You really need self discipline to stick with it for a very long time
●           Just like being healthy
●           Young people have no interest 🙂

[17:30] Being financially independent is a major mindset shift. You no longer need to work and that obviously changes your lifestyle quite a lot. What is something you didn’t expect to come about when you reached FI or put another way is there anything you wish you knew before you took the leap?
●           Reached FI goal and worked 2 additional years
●           Walking away from a 9 to 5 routine and a lot of attachments (co-workers, relationships, etc.)
●           You always feel that you always need more money


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