The Money Minute Presents:

You Can Make Money Online

Making money online is not really hard to do. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t require a complicated system to start earning that money.
There’s a ton of ways to do it using the world wide web and get income.

[1:5] Benefits from making money online
You can make money online anywhere as long as there’s internet
You can manage you own time

[3:18] How can you start?
You don’t need to have a blog to start earning.
Make money online by setting you own guest house or apartment through AirBnB
Use your extra room as a commercial space

[5:20] Apps and sites to check out
Craigslist is one of the great ways to find jobs online
Katie found some jobs online through Craigslist to pay her mortgage
Use JobSpotter app to find tons of available jobs
Google Search

[7:42] Easy extra income
Use your hobby and offer services to get extra income
Babysitting is pretty easy money
Uber driving

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