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Chain of Wealth was started in November 2017 and now boasts over 90,000 downloads!

Chain of Wealth

Bi-weekly episodes with interviews of inspirational guests and money tips and tricks from Denis & Katie.

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E91- Ty from Campfire Finance

Connect with our Guest: WordPress Twitter Facebook Podcast Interview with Ty From Campfire Finance Ty from Camp Fire Finance – personal finance blog that’s taken over twitter and social networks. Ty had a late start on saving and has some great resources for families looking to get ahead. [2:14] Tell us a bit about yourself ·       Devilishly handsome blogger behind

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E89- Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money

Millennial Money is a personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship community dedicated to financial independence and early retirement. He’s been featured all over the place including CNBC, the Washington Post, USA Today and the New York Times to name a few. Welcome Grant! [28:6] Value link: Check out the Money Minute on Alexa and on iTunes!

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E87- Chantl Martin from Thrive Lounge DC

In December 2014 Chantl started a potluck to dive into vision boards- only one person showed up but after that Thrive Lounge DC was founded. Chantl has an inspirational story which will inspire anyone that is in debt. Welcome! [36:13] We’ve started a daily show – Check out Money Minute on Alexa!

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The Money Minute

5 Days a week show with just Denis & Katie providing free financial advice and money tips and tricks

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E92-Couples Managing Money

[2:11] Why you can’t strong arm your partner [4:21] How to handle the spender and saver relationship [6:35] Things to mention before getting serious with money [8:50] How to agree on money goals [11:20] Combining incomes as a couple

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E90-How To Manage Credit Cards

The importance of your credit score

Everyone wants to know if you have a good credit score
Credit runs everything when you’re an adult Everyone seems interested in what your number is
There are ways to fix your credit

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