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Chain of Wealth was started in November 2017 and now boasts over 100,000 175,000 downloads!

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Chain of Wealth

Monday episodes are interviews with inspirational guests.

James Ruiz

E136 – Early Retirement Now

Karsten Jeske is a personal finance blogger who writes at Early Retirement Now or ERN for short. He is originally from Germany but came to the U.S. in 1995. He blogs about a host of retirement topics oh and he recently retired at the age of 44.

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James Ruiz

E134 – Marc Andre

Marc Andre is personal finance blogger who writes at Vital Dollar. He’s been a self-employed internet marketer since 2008 and prior to that he worked for a few years as an auditor and in other finance fields. He really got into his groove with internet marketing and has some interesting views on using your hobby as an investment tool.

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James Ruiz

E132 – Beverly Harzog

Beverly Harzog is a consumer finance analyst and credit card expert at U.S. News and author of The Debt Escape Plan, she paid off $20,000 of debt in only 2 years and now inspires others to do the same.

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The Money Minute

Thursday episodes are money tips and tricks from Denis & Katie

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James Ruiz

E133 – New Year’s Resolutions

A new year’s resolution is a powerful way to make a big change in your life – as long as you stick to your plan. 😊
Every year everyone wants to accomplish a personal goal and here’s what we want to achieve this year.

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James Ruiz

E131 – New Years Eve Planning

New Year’s Eve is one of those special nights that you want to have plans set weeks in advance, whether they involve a movie night with your friends or a fancy family party in an exclusive place. 
Here’s are some tips and we want to share based on our personal experiences.

Happy new year everyone!

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