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Chain of Wealth was started in November 2017 and now boasts over 100,000 175,000 downloads!

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Chain of Wealth

Monday episodes are interviews with inspirational guests.

James Ruiz

E126 – QuantmRE with Matthew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, a cryptocurrency startup that supports homeowners by helping them sell a fraction of the equity in their home without taking on more debt. A seasoned entrepreneur, Matthew has a proven track record in real estate innovation through his experiences as Co-Founder of the $50M Secured Real Estate Income Strategies Fund, and as Founder and President of, a real estate crowdfunding company.

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James Ruiz

E124 – Duke of Dollars

From the wonderful and mystic kingdom Master Duke Jack & Master Duke Chris are from where you can learn how to vanquish your debt, recruit a barracks full of greenback soldiers to do your bidding and establish impenetrable moats to protect your livelihood and ultimately build your own financial kingdom!

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Chain of Wealth

E122- Mike from

Mike is a 30-something CEO, Blogger, and Forensic Scientist. On his blog,, he writes about financial insights for Family & Business, and gives fitness tips for everyone. Mike has a ton of financial pillars for millennials and we’ll be picking his brain!

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The Money Minute

Thursday episodes are money tips and tricks from Denis & Katie

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James Ruiz

E123 – Making Money Online

Making money online is not really hard to do. Anyone can do it and it doesn’t require a complicated system to start earning that money.
There’s a ton of ways to do it using the world wide web and get income.

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