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Podcast Equipment Setup

Hey Chainers!

After a lot of questions about the podcast setup, we decided to make a handy guide of the setup we currently use at Chain of Wealth.

Granted – this could be considered a bit overkill for a newer podcast, however we decided when investing in the equipment that we wanted to give our listeners the very best sound quality that money can buy without spending several thousand dollars.

So without further ado – here we go:

The Equipment:


We have two microphones that we use – one for 99% of podcasts and the other for guests in person or as a travelling microphone.

Our main microphone is the legendary Heil PR-40 which on that link retails for about $399 including a PRSM Shock Mount, Arm and XLR cable.

The Heil is the crème de la crème of Podcast microphones. However we also make use of a preamp (see below).

Our travelling or guest microphone is the Audio-Technica ATR2100 which retails between $65 to $80 depending on the time of year.


In our experience, the Heil needs a really great preamp so we added the DBX 286s preamp which gives us the ability to tweak our voices and give them that “presence” that you hear. The 286s retails for about $199. Be sure to add the “s” at the end as the 286 is a separate model.


If you’re looking for complete control over your audio, you want to invest in a good mixer which can be really handy when handling remote guests and adding in audio on the fly. We bought the Mackie PROFX8V2 8-Channel Compact Mixer which retails for about $199. This powerful mixer allows you to do all the basics and even has a built in EQ.

Best of all, it has a USB interface so it’s super easy to install and use with your PC/Laptop.


This is completely optional and to be frank more of a luxury if you want to do live shows but we love our iPad – $329.

You can easily load jingles and other music onto it and play it live into your mix.

Software & Resources:


On a recording front – the best money we spend each month has got to be Adobe Audition which costs $20 a month. The vast editing ability is unmatched and with the numerous tutorials available online it’s a no-brainer!

Jingles & More

One of the best resources we came across early on was Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. Mike has an awesome YouTube channel and is live Monday to Friday giving away tips to make your audio sound amazing.

We got the Chain of Wealth intro done through his company and can say we’re completely satisfied! It cost about $45.

Website and Audio Host

The next crucial step is to get a website professionally developed and hosted. We used Padraic Consulting which a family member runs. I won’t include a cost here as this depends greatly on who you go through.

Our audio host is Libsyn and they have been great so far! $20 a month.


We ended up spending quite a bit more on other essentials such as cables and sound cards (because some laptops only have one port).

Based on our tally above we spend approximately $1,300 and we have a professionally sounding podcast offering you amazing sound.

Let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll be happy to help!

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